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We all know that it’s a pain in the ass to increase our Blogs and WebSite traffic. You might have probably surf all over the web to find ways to increase your Blogs or Website, and most of time the few you find are sometime really difficult or too hard to understand. Well today is your lucky day, because I came up with the safest and easiest ways to increase your blogs or website traffic.

Steps below

1- StumbleUponWow! this WebSite is the best thing that ever happen to me. listen! I sign up for this site and in a couple of days my traffic increased from 59 to 1200/day. if you are really serious about increasing your traffic StumbleUpon is the first step to take.

2- Design and layout: The design and the layout of your site is probably the most important factor to increase your traffic, in other word you have to have a good design and layout. if your design is sloppy, messy, and disordered and it can possibly somehow hurt people eyes (lmao), you will go down. Well to fix that issue there are many free website design you can get. Click on "Design" to resolve this issue.

3- Website Content: Your Website Content and the service you provide is really what people are interested in. you must be original and your content should be written with clear English or any language you chose to create it.
4- Add your Website or Blogs on Search engine: People must be able to find your business website when they type certain keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL. Click here to see the major search engine to add your website. 

5- Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free apps that helps Website developers to track their traffic in real time. Click on Google Analytics to sign up.

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