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Losing Weight! Losing Weight! Losing Weight! Some people make it sound really confusing to lose weight, if you really feel that you are overweight and you want to lose some pounds. Forget about all those advertised products over the internet, because they just here to make money. Although some of them works very good, but most of them is a way to suck up all your fortune like a vampire. As a young athlete I will dare to tell you that the only way someone can really achieve the optimum weight is simply by exercising. See! You don’t need to make a diet plan, you can eat whatever you, but you need to exercise, yes! You need to exercise everyday, I know sometime you may feel really lazy to exercise—but that’s the thing, we have a mental wall that keeps us from reaching to our goal— we have to break these mental wall, we have to build motivation in our mind everyday in order to succeed. There different type of exercise to lose weight: you may do yoga or you may run for 1 hour everyday, you can even build your own work out plan, but again! In order to reach your goal you most have ALOT of motivation and you must WORK really HARD— burn it; Burn all the calories.

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