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God! What is God? Does God Exist? The answer to that question is YES and NO at the same time. Why? Just because, it depends only on your perception of what is the reality of truth? God is the ultimate power of creation, and consciousness. This miracle or probably this pure hazard that we called life, “hmm..” no matter what is the case, we all have the essence of God within ourselves, we are all part of the Universe; no matter what you are— plant, bugs, microbes, animal, human, we are all made from the same basic essence, we are all one entity. It doesn’t matter if he, she, it exist, but all I know is that the message is clear my brothers and sisters from all around the universe. I'am you and you are me. if you hurt me and you also hurt yourself, if you love me, then you love yourself also. Like a great man once said" Love your neighbor just like you love yourself".

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