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Meditation is the key to happiness. It is the answer to all our questions; it is your inner universe. When one uncover the path to the realm of meditation— oneself become one with God and all creation. Meditation also restores healthy state mind, peace and happiness "Learn More"

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Death! We all fear this inevitable event in the cycle of life. Why? It is just because, the human mind naturally fears the unknown—we fear everything we can’t understand. It is in our basic instinct to desire survival at any cost. But death isn’t what we human understand it is. Death isn’t the end of your entire being; it is just a stage that we must go through in life like everything else in the universe. For instance, let’s say that (you buy a new car, and after a few years of using it. It breaks down. Well the remains of that car doesn’t just disappear, they can be recycled, and they can probably build a new car out of it, and that process can go on forever, just because that metal cannot be created nor destroy, it can only be changed, that metal was always there in the universe with us, in forms of atoms and other particles. It changed form as we know it today). To summarize this topic, there is life after death. It can be a different form of life, but there is one for sure. Just because nothing cannot be created nor destroyed, they can only change form.

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God! What is God? Does God Exist? The answer to that question is YES and NO at the same time. Why? Just because, it depends only on your perception of what is the reality of truth? God is the ultimate power of creation, and consciousness. This miracle or probably this pure hazard that we called life, “hmm..” no matter what is the case, we all have the essence of God within ourselves, we are all part of the Universe; no matter what you are— plant, bugs, microbes, animal, human, we are all made from the same basic essence, we are all one entity. It doesn’t matter if he, she, it exist, but all I know is that the message is clear my brothers and sisters from all around the universe. I'am you and you are me. if you hurt me and you also hurt yourself, if you love me, then you love yourself also. Like a great man once said" Love your neighbor just like you love yourself".


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