IMG source: grayhaircure.com
Hair loss is probably one the greatest problem we have today for mid-aged men and woman. And everyday we see a new product for hair growth, they come from every shape and size, and there are probably a thousand of them out there on the market. We all know that hair loss is most of the time genetic, but we also know that we can do something to prevent it from happening. So it is why today I came up with the review of one of the best product capable of helping you, in the treatment of hair loss. This product is Minoval 30% from perfect image. Wow! I got to say I’ve tried this product and it really grows hair, I mean if you don’t apply it carefully, you might even grow hair in your face, and you can possibly look like an Ape. All I can say now is if you want to have really great result this product is a “MUST TRY”. 

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