Well if a site is giving Free stuff, then take while its there.
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Amazon Student allows you to sell and buy New or Used Books and Textbooks on the amazon site. (Know that sometime we can use that extra money to buy books for the next semester).

Adobe Reader is an app that allows you to read PDF file. That app can be really handy, because College teachers tend to put slide show in PDF format.

Quick Office gives you the possibility to read (Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel) on your android device.

Document to Go gives you the capability to create (Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel) on your android device.

Enhance Email allows you to read and send E-mail from your College Portal or Angel. you can setup to over 100 E-mail account.

#1- AdBrite (In my opinion this is better then Google Adsense) Rate 5/5

#2- Clicksor (Really Good I recommend it to bloggers) Rate 4.8/5 

#3- InfoLinks (This one is Okay) Rate 4.5/5

#4- Bidvertiser (Excellent) Rate4/5

#5- Chitika Rate 3.9/5
A: There are 21 major religions in the world today.
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A: You must eat high quality: bio-dynamic, organic food; naturally-grown food will eventually increase your bones thickness or (density).


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